Sunday, February 20, 2011

Preparing For Early Spring Gardening

With March a week away and weather in the 70s, it's hard not to think about preparing for early spring gardening.  The last day of frost is about a month away, so it's right around now this time that I need to plan and prepare for this years garden.  I plan on possibly building a 4'x4' raised bed specifically for herbs.  This year I'm going to be utilizing trellis'.  I actually have the the space to not use a trellis, however, I don't really want my lawn to be overtaken by cucumbers and cantalopes.  If you have used any trellis' that have worked well for you, I'd love to hear from you.  I'll most likely build my own, but have not yet researched building plans. 

I really hope to focus on plants that are a part of our current diets.  For example, we don't eat okra in our home.  Not that okra is bad, it's just not something we eat in our family and probably wouldn't even know how to prepare it.  Whereas cucumbers is something we eat several times a week.  My focus will be on those foods we know what to do with and are excited to eat. 

This year I'm interested in trying some different irrigation and drip watering methods.  I know my plant covers will do a good job in retaining moisture, but I'm looking for a effective way of summer watering.  I'm up against some serious triple digit temperature in the summer, so simply dousing my garden isn't always the most effective method of watering.  I have some ideas in mind that I'm curious to see how well will work.  Once again, I'd love to hear from any of you that have found a way to keep your plants well watered during the hot and dry summer days.

I feel fortunate to be able to start preparing for early spring gardening.  I know there are many of you still covered in snow.  Hang in there.  Spring is quickly approaching and before you know it you'll be dirty and sweaty from working in your garden. 


  1. I made trellises last year in my garden. Check it out...

    So glad I made them. They were completely covered by the end of summer saving me so much square footage and kept all the pests off my veggies and melons. Grew my cucs up on them too. Good thing b/c they went crazy.

    Highly recommend using soaker hoses to keep everything well watered.

    Enjoying your posts. Thanks!

  2. Rebecca,

    Thanks for the pictures. Those are great trellises you made. I definitely need some this year. Last year my cucumbers and cantalope were a mess. I have quite a bit of space for gardening, but I like to keep things organized and tidy...try at least.