Monday, January 3, 2011

How My Cold Frame Is Holding Up

Here's a video update on how my cold frame is holding up and how some of the vegetables are coming along in the raised bed garden.  The cold frame has served its purpose well.  Fortunately, this winter so far has not been as harsh as last year.  It'll be interesting how the remainder of winter turns out.  Since it's pretty sunny where I am, I'm kind of hesitant to keep the cold frame on since it's not transparent.  So far it's been working ok.  The spinach and lettuce have sprouted, but the progress seems to be pretty slow.  I'm a little skeptical that I'll be able to harvest anything since I planted late.  Time will tell.  Is it possible to plant spinach and lettuce during the winter and harvest them late winter?  If anyone has some good input, please share.  I'm in Texas, so it's not snowing, but it's still pretty cold.

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