Thursday, January 20, 2011

Go Green with Worm Composting

Composting has huge benefits for your garden.  Liz from has been kind enough to write a guest blog for

Enter Liz:
Worm Composting is the ultimate way to go green for anyone, green thumb not required. Even apartment dwellers can do worm composting because it requires little space and is odor free.

Worm Composting performs the REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLCE concept all in one. You will reduce your waste going to the landfill by allowing the worms to compost your fruit, veggie, coffee grounds and paper/cardboard waste. You will reuse items lying around to make a worm bin. And then the worms do the recycling part: they take the waste and turn it into nutrient rich worm castings (aka worm poop).

About every 60-90 days while worm composting, your worm bin will be ready to harvest. Harvesting refers to separating the finished worm castings (the composted scraps) from the worms. There are several ways to harvest, some requiring hands on separation and some as simple as feeding differently. When you are finished harvesting, you simply start over again in your bin and use the castings in the garden.

Worm Castings are a nutrient rich natural slow release fertilizer minus the chemicals. Allowing you to nourish your plants and your family with chemical/pesticide free produce. The castings serve as a fertilizer, an antifungal and pesticide. The anti-fungal properties are especially important for tender plants and flowering plants like roses. The pesticide function comes from the castings containing live micro-organisms which will deter harmful bugs from invading your garden.

You can use your castings by simply applying them to the topsoil and watering them in, using them as a starter mix for new plants. Or you can make a concoction called Worm Tea. Most organic gardeners, me included, prefer the Worm Tea. It can be used as a foliar spray and root drench. A little castings go a long way with the Worm Tea method. You really can't go wrong with how you use the castings as long as you do use them.

So What's Stopping You? Start a worm bin today and Go Green with Worm Composting.

Liz owns ,lives in Texas with her family, 7 chickens and 100k worms. She offers a FREE online worm composting class with any purchase of worms on her website.

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