Monday, December 13, 2010

Are You Sure You Know What A Cloche Is?

garden cloche
If you’ve already gone through you’ve probably seen what looks like plant covers to the average person.  Well, that’s exactly what they are.  And if that’s exactly what you thought they were, by no means do I think you’re average.  Garden cloches are simply covers for your plants to keep them safe from the temper tantrums of mother nature and from the mistaken critters that think you love to nurture your plants like a newborn child for months in order to produce fruit and vegetables only to feed all the critter families with a free lunch.

Have you noticed that garden cloches resemble a big bell?  Well, that’s because the word “cloche” actually comes from the French language meaning “bell”.  See, it’s all coming together now.  Next, do you even pronounce “cloche”?  It’s not that tough actually, thanks to   It sounds like “clo”(like “glow” or “flow”) and “sh”.
You’re probably thinking by now, “This is so fascinating and informative.  So, what’s the history of the garden cloche?”  Answer: I have absolutely no idea.  Just know that:
1)they’re really old
2)they work really well for growing all kinds of plants

If you remember those two points I think you'll be ok.  But seriously, they've lasted the test of time and people continue to use them to grow plants since their beginning many centuries ago.  They were first used in England many many moons ago and even today tend to be used mainly in the UK and not so much in the US for some reason unknown to me.  If you're not satisfied with my one sentence history of the garden cloche you can get a bigger bite of their history here.  I’d love to hear from anyone that knows a more thorough history of the beloved garden cloche.

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  1. I'm glad you were honest and said you have no idea, Because I also have no idea! We did a article on the different types of cloches and season extenders. There is also a few extra tips and tricks on how to keep them warm and to keep things cheap!