Monday, December 13, 2010

5 Tips For Fall Gardening

With the fall season upon us, here are some tips from Better Homes and Gardens for fall gardening.  Article link is at the bottom of the page.

1)Calculate Planting Dates Ahead Of Time
For fall gardening you have to do a little planning in advance.  Because for some who live in the colder regions where snow dumps on you, you only have a few months left in the year to garden.  So, in order to harvest anything you need to start on time.  “On time” means to give your plants enough time to grow before the deadly frost comes in like a biblical plague.  This means if you’re growing by seed you need to take your first expected day of frost and work backwards based on how many days it takes to harvest that plant.  For example, if your first day of frost is October 1st and your plant takes 30 days to harvest, you need to plant around August 31th latest.

2)Start Your Seeds For Fall Inside
Planting seeds for your fall crop can be tricky if you live in very hot summer areas like Texas, where 100 degrees is common in August and early September.  A good option is to plant your seeds inside where it is cooler and then as the summer heat cool down you can transplant the seedlings outside to your garden.  This will give you the time needed before the first frost arrives.

3)Plant Quick Crops
Be aware that there are crops that grow quicker than others.  You probably want to avoid the slower plants or else they’ll be buried in snow before you can even harvest them. Do some research based on your zone and see what grows well and quickly in your region for fall.

4)Extending Your Growing Season
For most of us, frost and snow is inevitable.  When that magic pixie dust falls we know the season’s end is near for our garden.  Unless you have a greenhouse there’s not too much you can do to avoid winter.  However, there are some things you can do to protect your plants during the early frost days.  Better Homes and Gardens suggests:
“Extend your growing season later in fall by protecting your plants from frost. A cloche is a classic, elegant way of protecting individual small plants. But for larger areas, cover the garden with an old sheet, blanket, tarp, or row cover.”

5)Vegetables Great For Fall Gardening 

Fall Vegetables

“Frost Doesn’t Scare Me” Vegetables
Brussels Sprouts
Swiss Chard
Better Homes and Gardens article link:

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